Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Milly Way

Nice change tonight, travelled over to Laycock to recce the 3rd leg of the Millennium Way in preparation for M's run this weekend in the Bingley men's team. The route meanders down the hillside taking in lovely sweeping views before crossing the Skipton road and curling around the hillside above Silsden to the change over. I measured the run at 8 miles & ran at a very easy pace though this scenic route is littered with stiles making for lots of interruptions to rhythm along the way. M seemed to manage the distance though he's still not quite himself and seems to still be struggling with fatigue which might be a sign of some kind of virus after the hospital stay; his heart is playing similar tricks to how mine behaved during the overtraining patch. Hopefully he'll get over this soon and be back to enjoying his running and training by my side.
I plan to run leg 5, the longest of the legs with club mate Ruth W. We'll be running from Ilkley Moor across and down into Bingley back to finish at my club's base. My own legs felt good tonight and seemed to be recovered from the mashing of Saturday's race. The Skins are going on to stimulate recovery and I've a massage scheduled with Maggie the Mauler tomorrow; just in case I haven't suffered enough this week.


Hayfella said...

I'm interested in the Skins idea. How well do they work? Good luck at the weekend.

Runningbear said...

Hi Hayfella. I've had a pair for a year or so now and have found them great to train in during the winter as they are quite light and prevent too much muscle wobble which seems to help avoid injury. I think the investment is worthwhile when when you are running hard sessions on the track or road. I also try to remember to wear them after hard races but don't always remember. Lots of club mates have used them for recovery and I recommend them but can't swear they've brought about dramatic improvements to justify the cost.

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