Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Achy Breaky Legs

You might be concerned to hear I've been struggling to get about these last few days. As a result of Saturday's race my gait seems to have evolved into a sort of wooden legged but girly John Wayne. The particularly problem seems to be walking/running downhill or approaching any stairs facing forwards. Essentially I've had to descend stairs backwards and avoid walking down any hills. Where avoiding hills has not been possible I've had to resort to a sort of sideways skippy motion to protect my POOR LITTLE ACHY QUADS. Heavens knows what I've done to myself! Had I not raced on Saturday I'd be entertaining the possible explanation that I'd been drugged and attacked by a psychotic rounders team around the mid thigh area specifically. I have two excruciating patches on the outer side of my upper quads that seem to scream when the laws of gravity are applied. So, no doubt you will be very proud of my decision to behave and recover good and proper. I Have of course paid due attention to proper refuelling, (now alarmingly low on choco softie and general goody supplies; Lidl calls readers). I've stuck with very short and easy runs these last couple of days, staying in recovery zone pace. This discipline has certainly paid off as I managed to descend a flight of stairs today without biting my fist or yowling terrible swearwords. I progressed to a more ambitious aerobic run tonight on the familiar Strid route. Managed 9m at 7.25 pace. Felt pretty good despite the HM if a bit heavy on the hills. A relatively easy week ahead now to ensure I'm in a fit state for the Millenium Way relay this weekend. Bring on the massage later this week.


Julbags said...

Running downhill fast annihilates the quads! Compression tights really help me recover I have found.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Millenium recce goes well Sarah. But don't run backwards though like your downstair's decending technique! BB

Runningbear said...

Julbags - have pulled out my Skins. I often forget to wear them for recovery so thanks for the reminder.

Ian - well done for your easy victory at Otley 10m, conditions looked nice and cool. Josie looked to have run well too. Have now reverted to walking forwards as quads are much better thanks : )

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