Sunday, 7 June 2009

Elvis Legs

Have spent a rather dull day catching up on chores after neglecting everything for the last few weeks with M being ill and work being so flippin' busy. House is now sort of clean and tidy and after buying in some food today have scoffed a giant dinner and finally sat down and rested these very achy, shaky Elvis legs. Those descents got the better of me and have spent most of today avoiding downhills and descending the stairs backwards. Managed an easy 4 around the village first thing and had planned to do something later on but my quads wouldn't have thanked me. Sat down to a great film with M instead, Once. What a lovely, gentle Sunday afternoon treat. Felt teary all the way through but in a sweet and good way. So, a good night's sleep I hope ready for another full on week. Where did the weekend go?


Hayfella said...

Glad to read you're having a rest. You deserve it. My post-event film was 'Mr Smith Goes to Washington' with James Stewart (directed by Frank Capra in about 1938!). Sometimes you just need good ol' black and white Americana. Where did you get the picture of my knees from?

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