Saturday, 6 June 2009

Doubly Dizzy Heights

Woke up this morning to rain hammering on the Velux and felt less than enthused about the prospect of racing, particularly as M had pulled out after struggling to overcome the effects of his surgery in recent weeks. The weather didn't really improve but gladly my mood did and off we ambled to Threshfield for the start of the Wharfedale Off Road HM. The race start was 11am so I managed to stay in the car huddled and shivering in front of the blower until 10.55am when M kicked me out to get on with the race. So, fitted with bum bag and trail shoes, shivering in the chilly winds and rain, I lined up on the start line ready for 13.1 miles of hilly pain. After the first few mins the race nerves evaporated and I was happily climbing out of the valley and taking in the views along the Dales Way footpath with just a handful of men in front, hoping I wouldn't lose sight of them and lose my way. The course was very runnable though the high winds were a battle on some of the most elevated and exposed paths. I was pretty much running on my own by Conistone village and approached the climb up Mastiles Lane with nobody in site until I neared the summit; where a few of the guys in front were stealing a sneaky walk! Walking in a race! Fancy that. Anyway, I seemed to gain on those in front on the climbs whilst losing out on the descents, the usual problem for these road trained legs.
The course was fab and I was slowly catching a very fit young chap half my age but in my fixation on passing him I missed the two unmanned checkpoints (as did he!). Oblivious, and obsessed with breaking the pretty boy I passed him on the final descent taking 5th spot overall into Threshfield, completely missing the turning to the rugby club and running an extra long cut adding at least two mins to my time. The young chap will be gutted as he followed me home but I was relieved to find I'd only dropped one place, such was the gap between runners. So, finished a frustrating 6th runner overall and 1st lady but managed a new course record by 12mins or something. Reckon I could take at least 3 more off that next year without the accidental extra long cut at the finish and the high winds.

This was such a great race; lovely nosh in the club afterwards and prizes galore too. The organisers were very forgiving of my mistakes and some fine upstanding blokes were happy to vouch for my run route. Apparently a large number of runners missed the checkpoints later in the race today; though no excuses for my double dizzy episode. A good day in all and can't wait to do it next year; especially with M on the start line too. Hope fellow bloggers URC and Hayfella are as happy with their outings today. Milly Way next week for me so easy miles to come.


Anonymous said...

Amazing - a course record and 6th overall!!! V.v.v.impressed. Well done - several choco softies are deserved!

ultra collie said...

awesome achievement RB. very well done. i bet youre chuffed! i think i ran past you at the start as you saw our race off.

Hayfella said...

Fantastic RB! Very well done. Methinks the caramel choccy wheaties will get a hammering today!

Markh said...

Wow !!
I bet you are so chuffed with yourself.
I would be on a high for weeks after that.
Very well done.
I knew you would get over your rough patch/lack of mojo.

Anonymous said...

Well done and I thought you were going to tackle the full!!! Next Year?

Runningbear said...

It's great to have so many comments today! Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words; I have indeed indulged in a the odd choco softy and nougat pillow today : ) Mojo is coming back though not enough for a marathon! Saving that for next year.

Anonymous said...

Great run Sarah in the WHM. Brilliant result!

kate said...

belated congratulations! an excellent result, looks like you're well on the way to finding your form. how does m feel about your motivational aid ;)

Runningbear said...

Thanks very much guys. Form is slowly returning though have still a bit to go but am enjoying running again.

Kate - M is very accommodating, particularly if it makes me run faster!

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