Friday, 5 June 2009

8 Day Week

Feel like I've been very neglectful of my blog these last couple of days but have have had a nightmare busy time at work and am so very glad it's Friday. After a 16 hour day yesterday I didn't even have time for a short run and rolled in frazzled and ready for bed. Could do with more days in the week to fit all this other stuff in. Another mad day at work again today meant that I only managed a 3 miler but am relieved to find that my legs still remember how to do this running thing. It won't do me any harm after a continued achilles niggle this last week and I should at least be partially recovered from the harder sessions in time for the race in the morning. It's a comfort that the weather seems to be cooling down too. Legs still feeling a bit niggly but no pressure tomorrow for times and am hopeful I can just enjoy the event and the amazing scenery along the way. Fingers crossed these old pins survive the hills.


Markh said...

Good luck Sarah.
Hope it's not too muddy after all the rain we had yesterday.
Goole Riverbank Challenge 8.73m for me on Sunday.It could be a quagmire by then !

Hayfella said...

Hope your race went well and thank you for your recent kind words regarding lost camera. Loved the metal-detecting idea...

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys.

Good luck MH - hoe the weather is kinder to you next weekend. THough I won't grumble as the heat would have been much tougher than the wind and rain. Will watch for your results.

Thanks too Hayfella. Presume you haven't refound your treasured pressie?

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