Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Famous For 15 Seconds

Quickie tonight as have a basket of dim sum steaming on the hotplate (mmm...fresh dumplings from a visit to the Chinese supermarket today). Ran an interval session at the club for the second week. Again it was great to be part of a group training hard, (even though I was near the back) and it was even better to be mixing in such talented company to inspire me on. The session was the perfect compromise as I couldn't decide whether I needed something short and fast or long and sustained; we did a pyramid of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 minute efforts with shortish recovery. A great session to leave a bit in my legs for the race on Saturday . Though I did feel pretty heavy legged tonight that's no surprise after the quality runs at the weekend. I'm planning to just run very steady stuff for the rest of the week.
Breaking news...just heard from very kind and thoughtful chap Julian M that I've found fame (albeit hidden somewhere on the Bradford T & A sports pages) following the run at the British Masters relays. Runningbear hits the local news! Shame about the ugly pic; extra loud & embarrassed eek! from me.


ultra collie said...

doesn't fortune follow fame? good pic bt the way!

Anonymous said...

Well done again Golden Girl - No gurning to be seen. Pic looked alright?

ultra collie said...

so the secret of your success, to quote...'sarah jarvis's fast third leg..'.

Runningbear said...

Yes, the secret of my extra limb is out. Disguise it well though don't I?

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