Monday, 1 June 2009

Chocolate Pillows

I've not been completely honest with you dear readers. Since my trip to Lidl on Saturday I omitted to share a full and frank account of my shopping sins. In addition to the choco softie restock and my weakening for a bag of chocolate bears, I also came across a new and very naughty cereal; Nougat Pillows. These have to be the baddest cereal ever made. They are literally Nutella type chocolatey goo wrapped in a nice and crunchy chocolate pillow casing that doesn't go too soggy even after sitting in a bowl of milk for a few minutes. They are heavenly. I've been telling myself all weekend that they are the perfect post run refuel. The box comes in a giant size and each chocolatey pillow alone must weigh in at 10g each. There. Feel much better now I've confessed. I've nearly finished the entire box bought on Saturday; I just can't stop dipping my hand in for a dreamy chocolate pillow every time I stick the kettle on.
To balance this food fixation I did a couple of runs today. Serious I know. I did a short one; 4 miles at recovery pace very early this morning before work. The morning was glorious and I was already wide awake from 5.30am. The early run made tonight a bit easier as the general fug of heat was less than inviting after work. I managed another short loop around the village tonight which felt hard work in the heat. Averaged 7.13 over the 5 bringing my total to 9m today. Just enough to justify that second handful of choccy pillows with my cuppa. Why is naughty food so tasty!?


jumbly said...

I am so pleased my nearest Lidl is miles away and not in the slightest bit convenient to get to or I'd be massively led astray by you!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, tasty!

Runningbear said...

Sorry jumbly. But at least reading my blogs fulfills the foodtastic fantasy. You don't have to go ahead and do all those bad food things, just read me writing about it. Think of all the running I have to do to compensate!

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