Friday, 12 June 2009

Meetings Smeetings

Have finally escaped after another full day of meetings; all my job seems to be about at the moment. The meetings are all with very nice, creative and passionate people I just wish I managed to do more of the stuff we talk about doing. By 3.55pm this afternoon and exactly 1h, 25mins into my last meeting of the day I was away with the running fairies imagining being outside under that bright blue sky, leaving the city and its troubles behind me, back where things are simple and easy and its just you and your trainers moving through the hills.
After an easy week recovering from my last race I thought I'd treat myself to a double today. Enjoyed a lovely, fresh and brisk 5m this morning under cool, clear dawn skies before travelling to work. Have just got out again on a balmy evening for another easy 5 with M around the Lob Wood taking in a climb to Draughton and the pretty riverbank path, taking in a pair of Herons along the way. A nice evening of a healthy dinner, some telly and maybe a big slab of cream cake for pud should set me up for the track session tomorrow; I've some 600s to get through before my stock up at Lidl for M's German treats.


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