Thursday, 14 May 2009

Twinkle Toes

Short & sharp blog tonight as planning an early night. I'm eager to get to bed to finish my latest read; it's all quite suspenseful and the train journey home interrupted me at a real cliffhanger spot that I'm keen to get back to. I love reading. If feels like a real luxury, synonymous with holidays; that lolling about in pajamas feeling, drinking coffee and reading in bed with no guilt or interruptions. Anyway...
Popped out for a short speed session tonight, a few strides to get used to running on my toes again in readiness for Saturday's frighteningly short relay race at Sutton Park. Ran 8x200m with 200m jog recovery. Didn't sprint but used the session to concentrate on form and stride efficiency - efforts were 36-37 seconds and felt light on my feet as is usually the case when I wear my sparkling tangerine coloured racers. There's definitely some kind of mental gear change when you put road racers on; they feel so light and responsive on your feet that you feel like a champion.
Also still being good food wise, have cut back on cake and am getting back to a sensible weight and am now feeling eager and focused on those high quality training sessions over the weeks ahead. Also still have episode #1 of the second Flight of the Conchords series to watch; it's being saved up as a real treat at the weekend. I think it's my favourite telly for ages. Tune in Tuesday's, BB4 at 10.30pm. Life is good again. Night, night.


ultra collie said...

good luck racing this weekend.
glad you're smiling :)

Hayfella said...

Glad to hear some baking tips will be appearing soon(!). Good luck this weekend.

Josie said...

All the best for Saturday Sarah, I'm sure you will do really well;-)

I'm doing the Meanwood Trail tomorrow, feeling nervous but excited, Karen Pickles is running so I'm sure she will lead the way, hopefully I can keep her in my sights.


If you are running on Sunday please let me know, a nice steady longish one sounds good!? 07908443617.

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