As Good As Gold

It was with considerable anguish that I left home at 7am this morning to make the journey to Sutton Park for the British Masters Road Relay Champs. M had been up all night with severe pains in his abdomen. He was insistent he'd cope without me and that I leave home to make the trip to join the V35 ladies team. I reluctantly left him behind hoping it was a tummy bug that would pass.
The day was fantastic for the club; I'll update with pics tomorrow but I'm now completely drained after an evening at the hospital waiting for news. After the initial updates throughout the race that M had been taken to A&E we're now none the wiser as to what's going on; it may be appendicitis or something else but I'm now more worried at the mention of possible surgery tomorrow. I had to leave him all alone looking exhausted from the pain. The circles round his eyes make him look peculiarly panda-like. I hope I'll know more when I ring tomorrow but I'm keeping all things crossed that they can establish the cause and he can come home soon. Bath then bed for me now. Sleep tight.


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