Sunday, 17 May 2009

Champions & Shiny Things

Just a quickie to report on the trip to Sutton Park yesterday. Bingley ladies are now the new V35 British Champions! And what a day it was. In a context of continual worry for M and his health, the event at Sutton Park had to work hard for my attentions. The day proved to be more than a little intense with its own dramas. The fact the club managed to get any teams out was a minor miracle with the number of injuries and members crying off from the event at the last minute. I'm glad I'd made the trip down and M was gutted that he'd missed out; he was really looking forward to his first run out in a Bingley team. The boys still did well with Tricky running strong despite tired marathon legs and a 5k still lingering from Wednesday. Kevin O also did a fine job of impersonating a V35 and pretending to be M on the start line. The ladies however, did us all proud. Helen L ran the first leg securing us a solid top ten position, nicely held on to by Ruth W on leg #2. At this stage we hadn't dared to hope to be in medal contention. I ran cautiously from the start knowing much of the route was uphill but managed to pull back several places on leg # 3 to get us into gold position handing over to Sue B, who then maintained this brilliantly on the final leg despite still recovering from a cold. The course was hilly and exposed to the elements but never dull. I really enjoyed being part of a lovely team and now have some nice shiny things to show to M to put a smile on his face.
M is stable and in much less pain but the day has been a draining one; waiting since the early morning for news of when he'll be taken into theatre. Between visiting hours this morning I managed to get a 14 miler in with the bubbly Josie H for company; the run was a great pick me up and helped to ease the tension a bit. I was grateful to be able to see M for an hour before surgery tonight just for a last minute cuddle. No real clarity yet about what might be the problem as it could be a number of things; exploratory surgery will hopefully get to the bottom of it all.
Can't wait to have him home and am hoping I can sneak in to the ward late tonight to say goodnight. It's all come as a bit of a bolt from the blue. I guess we're never quite prepared for these things. Poor M's been NBM for the last 36 hours. I've taken a choco softie supply for his bedside though this might be sheer torture until he's actually allowed to eat anything. He's being very pragmatic as always and viewing this as a chance to reach his optimum race weight...fingers and toes are all crossed that he'll back with me tomorrow.
Thinkin' of you darling M X


ultra collie said...

brilliant achievement rb. well done. a triumph through adversity
and look forward to hearing of m on the mend after his surgery. positive thoughts.

Runningbear said...

Thanks UC for the kind words. M seems to be much brighter and I can see in his face that he's recovering. He'll be back to some serious sofa surfing very soon and no doubt he'll be able to enjoy the rest once the groggyness has gone.

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