After a tense wait for news this weekend M finally got the word that his appendix was indeed the little fella causing all the pain. Mucho relief to all and now we know we can have him back at home in the next day or two. Saw M this morning looking very fetching in his DVT stockings and gown. He's very wobbly and fragile after the anaesthetic but relieved at the outcome. He looks ripe for a week or two of sofa surfing, some serious telly and being fed choco softies.

I'm off to do an easy 5 now near home before visiting hours start up after lunch. Thanks to those kind folk who sent messages and rang with encouraging words. M will be up and about again in no time, just you watch...
Just what the doctor ordered; Dr Runningbear prescribes some Choco Softie Therapy.


  1. Pleased to hear nothing too serious with M. He will be back up and running soon - and a few ounces lighter.

    All the best.

  2. Appendices are such b*gg**s aren't they. Glad to hear M's on the mend and huge congratulations on your recent triumph. Dammit, it must mean that nasty hill sessions and speedy-hurty intervals work!

  3. Nasty business, but glad it turned out to be something fixable. Choco-softies are bound to be just the job for a speedy recovery.

  4. Well done on the relay win Sarah and hope M makes a speedy recovery.
    Mark H

  5. Thanks all for the kind words and thoughtful postings. Looking forward to M coming home though we're running low on the choco softie supply so a trip to Lidl is getting urgent.

    Felt good in the relay, can sort of feel my strength returning. A few weeks more of hill hell and 'speedy-hurty' intervals should do it. Running is great therapy.

  6. Really glad to hear that it is not too serious with Mark and that he has got it sorted out. Defo put me down for Saturday and a long one and Sunday if that suits you.

    BY the way, what are these choco softies about and where do you by them from ;)

  7. i think you should run the marathon to celebrate ;)

  8. The best post op literature I could ever recommend is The Hypochondriac's Handbook. Be careful though, he may laugh his stitches out!

    According to the authors the appendix is nature's idea of a knock knock joke, and is designed by The Creator so as to pay for a surgeon's new set of golf clubs.

    Get well soon M.

  9. Under the Choco Softie I think I see a large grin. Make sure the convalesence lasts no more than two weeks.

    Forgot to mention about the relays - well done.


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