Sunday, 24 May 2009

Toys 'R' Ace

Just a quickie following my 14 this morning with the ever chatty Josie H. Have been dying to post after loading up from my new toy. Have access to new software and it all happens without wires! I've now found a widget to give readers access to the Garmin Connect data, (see the widget on the right if you're geeky enough to be interested - I'm still a bit short of runs to load up there but no doubt it'll soon fill up). Felt surprisingly good this morning despite the tiring tempo run yesterday so feeling relieved I've still a bit of my old RB strength, the speed is another story.

Have however been shocked to find that the new Garmin is much less generous in its measure of calorie burn. I know the 305 is renowned for its lack of accuracy but according to my super accurate 405 CX I burned only 598 calories this morning over 14 miles. Surely that can’t be!? I’m also out for a big tea tonight and am now feeling less than relaxed about my initial plans to gorge myself. I need to check this out further, that just can’t be right, can it? Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy my food again...


Julbags said...

It can't be correct! I would expect well over a 1000 burned for 14 miles. I tend to work around 100 cals a mile for running, my 305 reads more than this.

Its even more "generous" when cycling though, almost by a factor of two sometimes (on my cycle commute in particular). It doesn't differentiate between cycling and running I think even though cycling is much more efficient.

Runningbear said...

I thought this too but I'd also heard the 305 is far from accurate for calorie burn. Unfortunately my new Garmin is so new there's nothing posted yet discussing the CX's accuracy. It works on a much more complex formula apparently so I work on about 48 cals per mile running steady. How depressing is that! Will keep searching for more info on this though. First I thought I'd got my user settings all mixed up but no such luck.

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