Saturday, 23 May 2009

Rabbit Rescues & Birthday Treats

Short one tonight as feeling very full and sleepy after a day of eating lots of treats and opening amazing pressies. M outdid himself this year despite his tired and wobbly state by providing a huge pile of surprises with breakfast including a new Garmin 405 to replace my chunky 305. I'm sort of in shock. I feel I've not been well enough behaved to deserve such an amazingly generous treat. Sadly, the swanky thing wasn't charged in time for my morning run; a 9 miler with 2x2mile tempo efforts.

The afternoon was mostly blissful if marred slightly by the wrestling match with one of the cats (he shall remain nameless) who tried to bring a large adult rabbit through our cat flap and into the kitchen for his tea. I managed to lure the poor blighter of a bunny out of the cat's jaws and set it free but I think the shock of the whole episode was all just too much. Thankfully the rest of the day involved a lovely, blissful ramble to stretch M's legs along a local route close to home before a lot more eating this evening and a good film. Looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow and some great company for tea at the local pub. Still frightened to get on the scales this weekend. All weigh-ins are banned on birthdays.


kate said...

a slightly belated happy b'day :) i'm sure the new garmin will help with the scales issue! glad to hear m's making a good recovery.

jumbly said...

Sounds like a top birthday! New Garmin, nice!

Julbags said...

Happy Birthday. Shame about the bunny. Kat is 16 now so hasn't caught anything for years. I really don't miss finding exploded birds in the house.

Runningbear said...

Thanks very much all. Still feeling very spoilt by the riches bestowed by M on my birthday. Love the new Garmin though feel a bit guilty having one as my 305 is still working well. Good to have a back up though!

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