Monday, 25 May 2009

Playing Away

The glorious bank holiday run this morning involved an away trip with some Otley mates, Josie H & Jamil P after an invite late last night. The cheeky pair took me on a magical mystery trail tour of Otley. The glorious sunshine and stunning views across Lindley Reservoir were almost good enough to compete with my old favourite at the Strid and the easy pace over the 9 mile route was just what the Runningbear ordered after the toils of the weekend. Averaged 8.12 over hilly terrain despite the odd pause for breath, necessitated by Jamil's ITB stretch instructions (or his desperate ploys for recovery from the blistering pace set by us girls I think). Check out my run stats at Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Lindley 9. The other fab thing about this new Garmin gizmo is the explore function on the software which gives you access to the activities of other local runners, including their recent routes and stats. It sounds seriously sad I know (I'll take it on the chin) but I've already found a new route to try out near home just from peeking at an Ilkley runner's comings and goings this morning.


Josie said...

I find myself in agreement with your theory of Jamil pausing for breath as opposed to needing to stretch for some super technical reason; I thought only Kangaroos had ITB?!

Thanks for a great weekend of running Runningbear!

Josie said...
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Runningbear said...

Thanks Josie for your company, really enjoyed both our runs. Hope all went okay for you on the track tonight. Was glad I went to the club in the end as has been far too long. Hope to see you at the weekend. X

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