Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Science of Squiggles

My plans for a quality VO2 session were realised tonight with a very worthwhile trip over to the club at Bingley for an intervals session on the grass. It's been ages since I last made the effort to train there - must be at least 3 months - and I was so pleased I bothered to go over. Interval sessions are never an easy option but doing them with a crowd or even a small group makes for a much more buzzy session than the hard slog of running into high winds around Keighley or Nelson track. My plan for tonight was to do 5x1k and I arrived at the club with the opportunity to do an equivalent session; 6x3min efforts with a jog recovery. Though there were very few harriers down I had great company in Tricky who set a sensible pace throughout; I suspect he might have been generously taking things a little easy to keep me company! We ran the intervals at a good, even pace with the last one a few seconds quicker. Effort level was very controlled but I felt suitably tired by the last one. A very satisfying set of squiggles (scientific term) on my Garmin chart shows a pretty consistent effort. Total session came to 8 miles including the warm up and warm down. Feel positive and ready for the return of intervals and speed work. Must make the effort to go to the club more. Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

RB said "I suspect he might have been generously taking things a little easy to keep me company!" I honestly thought the same. I Thoroughly enjoyed the run though and I feel much better for it. Thanks.

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