Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Windy Battles

I set out grumbling under my breath tonight after the windy battle home from work and the threat of rain clouds overhead. Had planned a nice ‘n’ easy run off road one but changed my plans with the weather threatening to make tonight’s run unpleasant. Opted for the Nesfield loop from home instead and it proved to be a toughie with the strong winds blowing me backwards down some of the climbs en route. Felt a bit niggly in the quads so shows I worked quite hard last night. Managed to average 7.10 pace over the whole gusty run.
Have now researched my new forerunner calorie calculator and it would seem to be as accurate as can be. As much as I’d like to think I’m burning all those calories on my long runs the painful fact is I’ve been relying on a very blunt instrument for far too long to measure my possible cake capacity. I've found a link explaining the detail in frightening scientific terms (just in case there's a soul on this earth who might be sad enough to care about these things as much as me). It would seem I need to be running a bit more often to justify that amount of cake and sconey food stuffs I generally consume. Oh well, was planning to up my mileage anyway. Bring on the baking action...


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