Sunday, 3 May 2009

Striding Out Strid Style

Today's the last day of 3 full weeks of easing down and after the angst and determination it took to keep to the plan I decided to just have a bit of a blow out today and enjoy a medium long run in a favourite spot, yes the trusty Strid again on a breezy Sunday afternoon. I'd hung on until late before going out hoping that the midday rains and wind had cleared the place of the usual spring visitors but I arrived to a mass of walkers, picnickers and BBQ'ers to jostle and wrestle, along with their dogs and prams whilst following my usual loop along the river trail. Decided after feeling light and fresh for the first five miles to extend the route a mile and do 11 in total. I didn't regret it as it felt great all the way round and got back to base at a record pace (not that I was counting!). The wind was pretty strong for the open sections so it's tricky to compare HR and general effort on the run but going on how I felt I may be getting a bit of form back. My next steps will be crucial to building back up. I'm eager to get back into training but will take it easy for the next couple of weeks to be sure I don't undo any of this recovery time. Have also spent most of the weekend generally lazing about, eating and reading a great new book. It's been a while since I've read anything that's led to daytime reading binges, though I think that's what bank holiday weekends are made for, that and going to support our partners at 10k road races. Will be there tomorrow amongst the crowds shouting on M at the Rothwell 10k. I'm sad not to be running but can enjoy supporting M; I'm expecting some great runs from my #1 running partner these next few weeks. No pressure, though he's due some great races on the back of fantastic training in recent weeks. Come on M!


kate said...

glad to hear the "hard work" seems to be paying off at last ;)

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