Saturday, 2 May 2009

Seemingly Irrelevant Decisions

Had my first blog night off last night. Was feeling a bit fed up and at a loss for what to write. Miss mojo is still on holiday and am fed up of reminding myself about it. So, thought I'd write about something pink and fluffy to cheer things up around here. It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I've piled on a few pounds in the last couple of weeks. I rather like my food though part of the problem lately seems to be my seemingly irrelevant decisions when making baking purchases. For instance, today I called by the supermarket, a last minute stop for a Saturday paper and a lucky dip purchase. Inadvertently, I walked down the baking aisle and stumbled across a bag of mini marshallows. After pondering the purchase; plain white or the mixed pink and white; the two colour schemes stumped me. Then I noticed on the shelf underneath a supermini version of marshmallows. These were double the price but much more suitable for use as sprinkles. This delayed me another 3 mins as I calculated the additional costs for the rather cutesy size and packet. After 6 minutes of pondering and evaluating value for money and potential uses I opted for the mixed variety bag at £1. Of course, these were just to be kept for future baking creations or even for the odd mug of home-made hot chocolate. I dutifully tidied them away to the baking cupboard, near the front of course, so I didn't forget they were there. Anyway, tea time came and hunger set in and as time ticked by I was feelin' somewhat peckish. The seemingly irrelevant decision to purchase these little pink and white pillows of sweet perfection was fully exposed in all its ugliness as I gorged on the bag, trailing guilty, floury fingerprints in my wake around the kitchen. This is not the first time I have seemingly purchased a devilish item disguised as a baking provision only to feed in a frenzy when visited by the sweet tooth fairy. Don't know how many bars of cooking chocolate have fallen foul of the same fate.
Anyway, am 5lbs heavier than a month ago and very determined to start burning away these love handles soon. After a search for graphic illustration of my sugary sins I also came across some interesting alternative uses that might inspire readers out there to get creative.
As for running, did an easy 6 today, same planned for tomorrow somewhere lovely and green underfoot. Have decided not to race Rothwell or anything else for a couple of weeks now and just enjoy the time off. Not too much of course. Just until the marshmallows have all gone...


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