Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tiny Slimy Snail

RHR 37 again today and am hoping desperately that this is a continued sign of some gradual recovery. I think my RHR has been back under 40 bpm for the last few days now. Tried a mini run tonight as reading all the bumph online suggests (handily) that doing a bit of low intensity active recovery can speed up the process. That was my excuse anyway. Did a wee trot out over the iron bridge with a wiggle along the Beamsley road and back for 20 mins. Under stormy skies the valley looked super lush and green tonight. I love these kinds of runs - when the elements show off the valley at it's best, and tonight the world felt new, fresh and clean. Arrived back at the house to be bedazzled by magic pockets of blooming nature. Whilst stretching my calves out I spotted the tiniest baby snail in the world oozing his (her?) way down the tip of a bluebell. Then was struck by the luminescent blue of our clematis about to fully bloom. Anyway, am just reminding myself that when you make the space the simplest things can delight. Night, night.


ultra collie said...

as meerkat would say ....'simples'

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