Wednesday, 29 April 2009

All Work & No Play Makes RB A Dull Girl

Plan on keeping this post short. Am acutely aware that I'm becoming increasingly dull as each day passes and can only write so much about the fact that I'm not running. Did a mile tonight and then came home thinking again how daft it is not resting. RHR 37 this morning so, a good sign of some stability returning. Missing running as life seems to be all about work with no fun, (sorry M - I mean no running fun). In my infinite dullness I've spent the entire evening fiddling with my excel training sheet. I'm revising my racing and training plan schedule in light of these recent annoying interruptions to the grand plan. I'm also (are you yawning there?!) trying to revise my training plan to work around a 10 day cycle. This seems to be a great way of accommodating all the quality sessions and ensure enough recovery is built in to guard against a repeat of my current predicament. Sessions involve a blend of VO2, tempo runs, hills, speed and long endurance runs with a few aerobic runs for packing and recovery in between. This has at least given me something constructive to do other than eat myself into a weeble shape or contemplate doing the ironing that has been sat in a crumpled heap for the last 18 months.


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