Monday, 4 May 2009

A Micra With A View

Well, it was a particular honour to witness several fine performances at the Rothwell 10k today. After the weather threatened to be very wet and windy first thing, the morning soon cheered to a brighter shade of grey as a drizzly backdrop to the 10am start. I wasn't witness to the actual gun start as was 'legging it' over some muddy fields with the ever young Kevin O to catch the action at 4k. The race was full of friends, club mates old and new and of course my M, who had spent the morning trying to manage his healthy pre-race nerves - today was a great chance to test his fitness after weeks of faithful training. He didn't disappoint. Though I was too late to shout him in at 8k as promised I did catch his last 2 minutes as he strode along the final drag to Rothwell leisure centre, looking long limbed, relaxed and majestic coming home to a very comfortable PB of 36.17. A fine and feisty performance, running the race in style despite the frightening and furiously fast initial 5km on this course - it can steal the race from right under your nose if you get too drawn into the lightning fast descent from the gun.

I was also lucky enough to see plenty of other star turns today, including many fellow club mates who all ran Bingley proud. Aside from M, special mention goes to our mate John B from Wesham with a storming run after his fears he'd be down on last year's form (!) and old club mates Sally & Lee M who both ran comfortably under their recent PBs - there's much more to come from them both; the talented pair that they are. Felt sad not be in and amongst it all but know I've a bit to go before I'll be back to my old self so enjoyed celebrating in the success of those around me. It was quite a nice change not to endure the nervy tum and all that jazz on the drive over. Managed to get out for an easy 5 tonight following afternoon tea with Mr & Mrs B. Both made promises of gifts from their allotment in the coming months, which I'll hold them to. Am quite partial to a bit of home grown rhubarb...


Antony Bradford said...

You're right about the furiously fast first 5k. I thought I might break 34 mins at one point.

I feel that you're well on the road to recovery. With you saying that you felt sad to be missing out on the action(words from you're blog). This is always a good sign and I hope you will be back racing soon.

All the best.

Runningbear said...

Thanks AB. I hope you're right. Sounds like it won't be long before you break the 34 barrier at this rate. Awesome!

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