Friday, 3 April 2009

The Wilderness Awaits

Woo hoo, it's Friday! The sun is shining ready for the weekend which has very quickly perked up the hyacinth sat on my kitchen table, (it looked more like a giant asparagus earlier this week). I've now heard for definite that the club won't be turning a ladies team out for Sunday. Detached tendons, broken collar bones and ruptured achilles have all contributed to a bit of a disaster for the initially awesome ladies team we'd planned to field. On the bright side, it frees me up from racing for the first weekend in a while. We seem to have done nothing but trek around the north to races each week so the break is very welcome. It does however bring me back to the numerous chores piling up around the place. Apart from the usual domestic irritants of pushing the hoover about and scraping tide marks from the bath, the garden has become a bit of a wilderness. We need to arm ourselves with a machete just to put the bins out. The crazed clematis; once seemingly so attractive, innocently threading itself around our cottagey front door, has now become a writhing monster. There's a hazard of decapitation for anyone over 5'4'' - we must put that notice up. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me, after my weekend runs of course. First things first.

Ran an easy 5 again around the village tonight in the cool evening sun. Averaged 7.58 min/miles for the undulating route around the streets near home; keeping my heart rate in zone 2 for a change. Am hoping this is a sign of being a bit more rested and I might even think about some effort type sesh in the next few days. I need to do something serious to ease the guilt of a giant fish & chip dinner tonight. After denying myself last Friday I cracked under the pressure after running past the chippy through a heady chippy, vinegar, frying fat type haze. Have got my Friday night fat pants on to avert any uncomfortable chafing that can easily follow F&C dinner tummy expansions. Not necessarily an elite athlete diet but you've gotta be bad once in a while. I'll be good tomorrow.


kate said...

i had to run past similar temptations yesterday, only to get home to find steak on the menu had to force that down instead, it's a hard life ;)

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