Saturday, 4 April 2009

Beheaded Bunnies & Chocolate Cars

Today's track session was always gonna be a bit testing after trying to give myself some space to recover this week whilst judging the right time to return to some quality training. I think this morning was just a tad too early for the come back. I set out to do a track session of long intervals; 3x2k efforts at 5k race pace mainly to avoid too much stress on the old pins. As usual we arrived at Nelson to find hurricane winds blowing on the bends and back straight but accompanied today by heavy grey clouds threatening to rain overhead - oh joy. Anyway, tried to attack the session with 'I am a warrior' type self talk; ready to work hard. It was a disaster from the start. After planning 400m splits of 82 I ran well above this in the first 200m - I felt like a flat footed blob, with no spring or zip to move myself any faster than 88s. Can't quite believe how slow and unfit I feel. I guess this is just another attempt by my body to tell me to back off. Decided to called it a day after 2 of the 3 efforts I'd planned and listen to how tired my little legs clearly are. I think these kinds of days are when this sport challenges you the most. It would be very easy to come away feeling low and frustrated about my state of fitness after a really strong start to this year. I'm learning more and more about myself and the need to be patient and try a bit harder to understand why my body is reacting in this way. Will try to keep my chin up, remain focused and give myself a bit more time to get my shake 'n' vac freshness back.

On the bright side we were jubilant to discover that our dwindling Choco Softie stores could be replenished after our trip to the track today. Very conveniently for us there's a Lidl only a stone's throw from Seedhill track. This is currently my favourite shop for discovering new and surprising, pan-European delights including a vast range of German cakes & sausages, Italian meats, unusual pasta varieties (red wine, truffle flavours) to more unusual food wonders such as Mexican Tequila & Lime ice-cream. They sell the strangest variety of wares including waffle irons, running jackets and bargain boxes of langoustine. I love the place. Anyway we've topped up our goodie cupboard and I cunningly smuggled some additional chocolate treats into the trolley, including some very pleasing chocolate cars and Easter bunnies. I have already beheaded 3 of the cute chocolately shapes with eager ferocity. Maybe I should approach Lidl for a sponsorship deal. The Choco Softie is an athlete's dream, providing a good balance of eggy marshmallow protein with a thin and crispy choccy carb coating. Sorry.. carried away again there... back to the running; ran 7 in total and plan a nice steady one tomorrow. Might even venture a clamber up to Roundhilll for an off road adventure if M's up for it.


jumbly said...

Show those chocolate rabbits no mercy!

kate said...

chocolate easter cars ?? ...i'm off to aldi at lunch today ;)

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