Thursday, 2 April 2009

Stars & Garters with Toast

Managed to wangle an early finish from work today to get myself back to the house in time for a nice steady run in the sun. Deviated from my plan to do some strides and instead opted for a steady 8 around the Strid. Legs feeling tired still but are improving with each day so hope I'll be up for a good quality efforts session early next week before a workout race at the Salford 10k. Plans to run the Northerns on Sunday are looking decidedly dodgy after two team mates have had to pull out with injury problems. I'm still hopeful but awaiting the club decision. It'll be disappointing not to get a team out as this will be first chance I've had to compete in open team competition for the club since joining in December. All digits crossed.
Ran the Strid all alone. Had the beautiful place all to myself with the exception of a couple of herons and a beautiful young buck that crossed my path (not the Johnny Depp kind-I wish!). The place felt alive with wildlife after a day of picnickers and human intrusions. Managed to keep heart rate to an even, aerobic endurance zone 3 though a few spikes appeared when the undulations reminded me of last week's half marathon. Came home ready for a satisfying snack and invented a new combo; juicy ripe tomatoes on doorstep thick toast drizzled with garlic & chilli oil. Woohoo! What a treat of a snack, recommended with a sprinkle of sea salt. Now just the pudding to think about... we might need another trip to Lidl this weekend... only 2 choco softies left.


kate said...

still haven't worked out how do to strides-always feel like basil fawlty! you need to add a poached egg and then it would a perfect snack ;)

Antony Bradford said...

Sorry it's a bit late, but well done at the Ribble Valley 10k - An excellent time in the cool conditions.

All the best for a sub 35 10K.

Here are a few fairly flat courses capable of producing fast times: Wakefield 10k, Rothwell 10k, Askern 10k and Salford 10K

markh (rothwell harriers) said...

Hi Sarah.
Just spent nearly an hour reading your blog !.It's very good.
I discovered it by accident while looking on Athletics Data.
Good luck for the rest of the year.

I'm currently resting up for Blackpool Marathon on Sunday and getting rather nervous !

Runningbear said...

Hi there, thanks for your postings. It's great when comments appear as it gives at least some idea of who might be reading (it's also bit of a comfort to know that this is more than just a bit of sad, electronic navel gazing). Thanks for your comments. Am planning Salford & Rothwell so might see you there if you're racing. Will look out for your result at Blackpool Mark. Hope it's cool but not too breezy for you. Best wishes for a good run. Any time in mind?

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