Friday, 10 April 2009

Where Art Thou Mojo?

Strangely, I'm feeling kind of elated. Having fretted about how hard this morning's Salford 10k would be and knowing I've lost my edge seemed to give me permission to really enjoy this morning's race, free from any pressure of a PB or a position. There were some names out this morning and I felt relieved to be free from the pressure of having to worry about anyone else and just run my own race. With no Garmin to check or idea of pacing I ran this one feeling relaxed. This is a great race and a definite date for my diary next year. The course comprises of two laps through a fairly built up area around Salford. The course was fast and flat but nicely varied, keeping the likes of me suitably distracted along the way, (I've the concentration span of a gnat in road races). I struggled to recognise many of those around me and was resigned to my time being nearer 37 mins so was nicely surprised to finish 3rd lady in 35.51. I'm pretty far off my form earlier this year but I'm glad to have managed a sub 36. A better story was the success of my ultra fast Bingley team mates all of whom had great runs today. My lovely M managed to grab his first sub 37 mins over this distance. His training and general strength will see much faster times to come this year but no pressure ; ) just glad to see him making the progress he's been working for. Tricky Ricky also had a fab run with a new PB, a storming run - am so excited to see how he'll get on at FLM. He's in awesome shape though I was mischievously smiling that his time today was just 1 sec outside my PB, not sure that'll last long though. Bingley boys also took the vets team prize, with Tricky, John C (awesome as always) and Peter P having a stormer after his battle to run me off the road to the finish, (I've got bruises from his elbows to prove it ; ) Our old club mate Jane B also had a fantastic run smashing her PB by 30 seconds, not long before her sub 40 comes I reckon.
Anyway, the real bonus is having raced at the start of the bank holiday so that we now have 3 more full days to do some lovely, easy off road runs and some serious eating. I do prefer getting the race in early and then enjoying some proper running for the remaining weekend. Got a fresh lasagne ready to go in the oven and a lovely lemon and almond tart for pud. Looking forward to a glass of wine and some great company tonight. A demain.


Anonymous said...

It's an honour to be 1 second behind the legendary Sarah Jarvis, I'll take that any day! Well done on a top 3 finish again - brilliant.

jumbly said...

Well done! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

kate said...

what a great start to the weekend, nice one! enjoy the off road runs, and the tart of course ;)

Markh said...

Well done Sarah.
Maybe you're not as burnt out as you thought you were !

Julbags said...

What a fantastic time!!!!!

Well done, that's amazing.

Runningbear said...

This is lovely guys, more positive strokes than a girl could wish for, thank you!

Now gonna just have some good running fun this weekend - gorgeous sun, what more could we ask for? Hope you're all doing the same - enjoy the bank holiday, looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

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