Saturday, 11 April 2009

Lemony Leftovers

A very chilled and lazy Saturday it was after waking with a slight hangover from over indulging last night. Too much lasagne, too much cake, too much coffee, too much felt great to have the weekend ahead of us and some lovely company to complete our Friday night. Today's been very lazy with a bit of a snooze after lunch and an easy run around Fewston & Swinsty this afternoon under blue skies with our legs out in the warm sun. It was 7 in total at a very pedestrian pace to recover from the efforts of Salford yesterday and in line with my planned ease down for the next week or two. After reading more about the problems of over training/under recovery it seems wise to try and lay off for a bit according to the wealth of advice on the subject. This is the most challenging of decisions. I'm telling myself that if I invest in being cautious & sensible now then hopefully I won't lose quite so much time later by trying to work a tired body too hard.

Have happily spent the rest of today eating up left overs, lasagne is always better on the second day. Warmed up the lemon torte too for a naughty flourish, this is a simple & fab recipe for a really moist and quite healthy pud. Plan is for a relaxed trail run in the morning hopefully under more sunny skies. More of the same next week, keeping the mileage down with no hard sessions and hopefully the twinkle will be back in these old toes before you know it.


Antony Bradford said...

Well done at the Salford 10k yesterday. It was a great time, more so considering you didn't really feel up to it.

I really like the look of the cake.

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