Sunday, 12 April 2009

Snap Happy

What a completely gorgeous day. What torture it is to be cutting down on running at a time like this. Had planned to start my ease down this weekend but waking to blue skies, warm sunshine and a shorts and shades kind of day meant I couldn't resist another scramble up Beamsley & Roundhill; forgetting it all but the feel of the sun on my shoulders, the wind in my face and being alone in the hills, after the vertical scramble past 100s of walkers up Beamsley track that is. There were tons of 'em making the climb look like very hard work today. I have to admit it was pleasing to whizz on past them all sputtering and sweating on the climb; I felt easy and relaxed and got a much needed boost to my bashed and bruised running ego.
Ran this 10m loop at what felt a very comfortable pace and didn't feel too stiff legged post Friday's race. The run was also a tad quicker that the same route last week despite feeling more relaxed today - am hoping that's some sign of my energy coming back. Or maybe I'm deluding myself. I'm following some very wise advice and keeping to an easy week now with low mileage and no challenging sessions. Will review next weekend and do the same if necessary until the mojo magic has returned.
I more than made up for all those burned calories with a very fine Lindt Easter bunny, my only treat this weekend thanks to our thoughtful dinner guests on Friday night. After the Easter refueling on a whole chocolate bunny (delicious too thanks J & A) I couldn't let the sunshine go to waste so went out to play with my new toy. A stroll up towards Draughton windmills gave me a chance to experiment with my lovely new Canon. The afternoon was magical with plenty of fluffy clouds in the sky to snap to my heart's content. Shame about the running though. An easy run tomorrow to set the tone for next week. God, I'm gonna be climbing the walls by the end of the week. Mojo come home soon, for M's sake...


Anonymous said...

I will try to upload bike pics tomorrow if I can find some camera battery's. Plus an update too. Ha, It's like a bike shop now!
I'm delighted that you have got both Yorkshire & England vest's Sarah. Nice to know the Yorks version hasn't changed since I got my first in early 98.

kate said...

i really like the photos. look forward to seeing more. do you have a flickr page?

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