Monday, 13 April 2009

"Train, don't strain."

First official day of the 'ease down' today. I'm already a very grumpy, frustrated, wall climbing misery guts. I've googled 'overtraining' half a dozen times now, desperately trying to find a theory that says it's okay to carry on as I am. Am hanging on pathetically to any online advice that doesn't mention the words 'rest from running' or 'complete break'. After oscillating wildly between sticking with the 'usual routine' and 'complete rest' I think I've settled on a compromise; carrying on with runs but at around half my mileage and no speed or interval work for the next two weeks. This feels really tough as the rigours of good quality training are what keep me sane, sort of. Particularly on week nights when I return home buzzing with the day's disappointments, frustrations or successes; running is the only switch that works to bring me back to my cosy, happy home and the world of sane & well balanced people.
I guess I've just got to commit myself to this and trust that it can only do me good. Just not quite sure whether I'll know after 2 weeks if this is enough of a break and don't want to find I've lost fitness and even more of my speed. All the reading suggests I'm not in any acute state of overtraining and that 10-14 days of easing down should be enough. I've no issues with mood (though M might disagree), sleep, appetite or any of the other signs, just a slump in racing performance. Will go with the advice and hope it works. Ran a measly 4 miles this afternoon, it's so cruel to have to curtail my running at such a lovely time of year. Will definitely take learning from this. Might dig out and dust off those free weights and make a start on some kind of core strength routine to keep me distracted and out of trouble these next couple of weeks. Yours, most grumpily, RB.


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