Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Basketful

Day 2 of the 'ease down' or active recovery as I prefer to call it. Am now beginning to get ants in my pants and feel resentful that M's allowed to go on lovely, tough training sessions whilst I can only do wuss-like easy runs with no efforts or exhaustion involved. It's gonna be a very tough couple of weeks. Have struggled to focus on work today and found every document in the virtual universe on overtraining. I'm now a world expert on the subject, should you need any advice drop me a line... have now bitten nails down to the wick and cannot stop eating just for something to do. I'm quickly ballooning at an alarming rate and currently craving popcorn with salt, chili & cinnamon as recommended by fellow blogger Kate. It would be simpler just to fit a nosebag. To ease the pain and to stay off the food I've been surfing continuously on all things running and just joined a running blog family (cosy soundin' innit). There are over 1700 running blogs listed from all over the world which should keep me distracted for a few more days.

Ran an easy hour on the strid tonight which felt slightly eerie; knowing the place was crawling with picnickers and walkers all day only to come to the place completely deserted. Was very aware of being on my lonesome and had some slightly spooky thoughts in the woody bits but all felt good again when I reappeared into the sunny spots. The place is writhing with wildlife and the various rustlings can be unnerving at a certain time of night. Anyway, now trying to view my Easter basket as half full and stop being a miserable sod - at least I'm not injured. Will try not to be such a whiner. I'm also being reminded of how much propping up my running provides. Not sure what I did before I was converted, that was probably when soaps featured heavily on week nights.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Just had some fun on with feeding that hamster 'Play with me'.
I'm a bit disappointed that it only allows for you to drop up to something like 6 titbit's.
I did wonder if I could fill the whole cage up by non-stop mouse clicking.
Wasn't to be I'm afraid.
P.s. I do love animals by the way.
P.P.s. Hope you like my bike shop? I'm even surprised I can fit in running with all that clutter eg. orange three wheeler, synths & stuff. It's not like Steptoe & Son's gaff.

Anonymous said...

....And how come the water level never seems to drop when the hamster has a drink??

Antony Bradford said...

You must feel blessed having such a lovely place to run almost on your doorstep.
I have done the strid myself, usually pushing a push chair with a screaming 2 year old on my shoulders.
Not sure about doing it late on when the Cavendish Cafe is shut. A large slice of carrot cake is a must(usually both ways).


Runningbear said...

Ian, 'm rather concerned at your attempts at virtual cruelty on my blog - and you say you like animals. I think hammie (still to think of a name) deserves some compensatory play time afer your attempts to drown him in titbits.

I was very impressed by your shiny bicycles.
Have you done the restoration yourself? Very nifty paintwork..

Hi Anthony, we are very lucky indeed. We don't take it for granted too much as working in Leeds it's a continual reminder when I come home that we live in a lovely place. It's the reason for moving here, (the countryside not the cavendish cake that is - though the cake is nice!)

Do the Nokey Cokey said...

Dear Running Bear
I'm afraid running doesn't agree with me at all so try and avoid it at all costs. But sometimes I am required to shuffle a bit faster, for example to reach a door before it closes so I don't have to expend any energy opening it myself. Please can I ask your advices? A very close friend of mine (who I must add is a nationally renowned runner in her field) once told me that eating a whole packet of Rich Tea biscuits can have a perfomance enhancing effect. Should I do this to get me to that door in time before it shuts or might I be banned from 2012? Are you aware of any negative side effects of such consumption? I look forward to hearing from you.

kate said...

sorry about the popcorn ;)

i've been really struggling this week with my food too. less activity should mean less calories but i'm more hungry than ever!

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