Wednesday, 15 April 2009

"We Must Travel In The Direction Of Our Fear".

RHR was raised again today; 41 bpm which is above my usual range of 34-38. Though I'm gonna have to think of a way of taking my heart rate in a calmer way in the mornings; I'm sure the shock of the alarm going off and wrestling with the elastic strap are part of the problem.
Still keeping to the recovery plan have run a meagre 4 tonight, looping gently around the village. I'm still ambivalent about this break from hard training. Though the sensible voice is telling me this is right and I've nothing to lose by easing off, the anxious, obsessive voice is whispering that I'm losing out on fitness day by day and this will spell yet another wasted month of hard work for nothing.
Running is such a head sport. Managing the mind and it's frequent attacks on confidence and self belief is as hard work as training the body. I'm trying hard to be grown up and brave but seem to still be cycling rapidly through all sorts of mental states about my running and life generally. Maybe this is another symptom of overtraining to heed ...will try to find a more positive replacement for the next week or two and perhaps avoid too much introspection and err.. blogging...


Antony Bradford said...

Thanks for the support on the training and Wakefield 10k.

I am sure the Running Bear will be soon be back to form after some useful active rest.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Anthony, RB is not back quite yet but am hopeful another week and I'll be back with a bit more bounce.

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