Magic Rice

After some pleasant mooching about Waterstones on the way home yesterday I decided I was overdue for a splurge on books. I generally try to stay clear of such shops as it's not unknown for me to disappear into a book browsing worm hole; wasting hours peering between the shelves only to be later found in a state of mental paralysis more commonly known as shopper's block. There are so many books in the world to be read... Anyway I came out empty handed and then repeated the experience online. After wading through the used book deals on Amazon and feeling peeved at the profiteering postage costs I was chuffed to find some real, proper bargains at Waterstones online shopping site - they're offering free UK delivery everyone - so get shopping! After lots of browsing and adding far too much to my virtual basket I have plans to purchase Murakami's running book, one I've had an eye on for a bit and several other novels I'm overdue to read. Waterstones are not only offering free postage but healthy discounts on many top titles; pure heaven to book lovers out there. Remember you also get the bonus pleasure of a parcel on your doormat to welcome you home from work. Have got another new bread book on the way; one can never have too many baking books to play with. As a further treat for you, I've added a gorgeous photo. Hope the discerning amongst you will appreciate the lovely works of Michael Kenna. His landscape prints are an inspiration - would love to spend my days taking photos like this.
Have some magic rice on the go for tea with lots of healthy veggies as both M & I are likely to develop scurvy soon, particularly if we don't snap out of this week's lazy selection of suppers; cereal, or toast, or cereal. Hope readers are suitably impressed by the rainbow of healthy veg on tonight's menu. Anyway back to more running stuff. Another treat - allowed myself a whole 8, yes 8 miles for my run tonight. Ran at a very easy pace just under 8 min/miles again but felt a bit more bouncy and relaxed than at the weekend. Another short one tomorrow before a nice run on Saturday and an amble over to Skipton on Sunday to shout at some mates running the Tri bright and early. RB is so far just about coping with the training cut down but for how long...


  1. I know what you mean about disappearing into book shops for hours. I re-joined the library recently to cut my spending on books. I'm a very fast reader so I don't always feel I get value for money from some of my purchased books.

  2. guide books and maps are my addiction. i have to avoid that whole floor in waterstones! it time to start training again?

  3. Got home to a book parcel tonight, hence my poor performance posting! Thnaks v much Julbags for the Garmin tip - just fitted my new velcro strap and is a huge improvement on my old one so top tip.

    Another week of easing down to go - has really dragged this week. Will have to test out some new baking recipes this weekend to pass the time, ah well...


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