Friday, 17 April 2009

Perfect Parcels

Just a quickie tonight. Got home very late after being pummelled by Maggie for my monthly massage till 8pm. Despite easing down I still have calves like concrete. Maggie did her best to make me howl but I was a brave soldier and managed to bite down hard on the towel and not give in. Got home to lovely parcels on the doorstep. A new bread book - will be sampling its inner delights this weekend and make sure readers get an eyeful of what it yields. I'm also the proud owner of a restored Garmin 305 after getting my new Velcro strap through. It's a winner thanks to Julbags whose post on the new quick release strap was inspired. It's snug, comfy and a huge improvement on the rubber effort that I had to wrestle off after every run. A good buy.

Did an easy 3.5 this morning to squeeze a run in with the massage scheduled for tonight. Ran easy and felt frisky though still another week of recovering to go. RHR was 43bpm this morning so still not back to normal. This week has really dragged and can't seem to wind down tonight having missed out on my post work run. A good book and bed, thank god it's the weekend.


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