Saturday, 18 April 2009

Baking & Bess

I think mojo came back for a visit today. Woke up without the jolt of an alarm this morning which gave me a good gauge of my RHR - the old ticker is getting back to it's old self at 36 bpm. A good start though the weigh-in was less pleasing but I can't deny I've been enjoying my nosh a fair bit this week; taking some small comforts through the cut back on training. Had an easy 8 planned for this morning and decided to stay with an easy local route; the Bolton Bridge - Strid 8. The run was stunning; bright & warm sunshine with a fresh breeze to keep conditions cool. Lots of baby ducklings and lambs about the place added to an upbeat, light and carefree vibe in the air. I ran the full 8 feeling light on my toes at what felt like an easy pace. I felt really very frisky on my feet after my recent sluggishness and had a definite ease and fluidity back that I'd felt I'd somehow lost of late. Got back to the car in just under 60 which meant the pace was much improved - average of 7.31 over slightly undulating trail. I'm not fretting too much about effort or times during this break from hard training but it's good to know some of the energy is returning to my legs.

Spent the afternoon walking along the river near home in the glorious sunshine chatting with a truly fantastic athlete. Sarah is an inspiration to many in her running achievements. I'm also humbled by her generosity in giving time to the likes of me to share her breadth of experience in all things running. Feel a bit spoiled having her attention all to myself and had the pleasure of her beautiful dog Bess for the walk too. Bess is a keen rabbit watcher and enjoys a paddle in the shallow end as long as you are happy to chuck her a pebble or two. The afternoon seemed to whizz by so have only just got around to shoving my corn bread in the oven after I decided to test out a new recipe from my recent book purchase. Have just had a waft from the oven so it'll soon be done - shame there's no smellovision online, I don't think Google have got round to inventing that yet. Hope to get to Skipton to watch friends competing in their first Tri in the morning and then it's another relaxed run before an eagerly awaited curry for tea along with M and a group of local running lads. Really need to get back to some proper miles soon before these extra love handles become too much of a handful.


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