Sunday, 19 April 2009

15 Course Banquet

After a very good lie in this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed in time for the second half of the Skipton Tri. We had a great time cheering on friends and ex club mates out competing in the first local sprint event of the season. After loitering around Craven baths and the adjoining park for 3 hours in chilly and cloudy conditions this morning I was glad to start our own run in much warmer conditions along Silsden Canal.

An easy 8 miles today under bright sunshine and blue skies. It was another very relaxed trot out, averaged 7.40 for the distance though didn't look at my watch until the end. Had a 10 min pause halfway after bumping into a familiar fisherman, one of our new club mates Stewart M, who was looking intent on catching his dinner on the canal side. After cracking his ribs in a recent fall Stewart may have to sack his plans to run FLM. He's been running and training so well, so he's understandably gutted at the set back. Another sharp reminder of how best laid plans can be so easily interrupted in the most unexpected ways.
Felt starving hungry during the run but was trying to save myself for our curry megathon tonight; £8.95 for 15 courses - who can complain!? It was a dieting catastrophe as my expanding waist is developing a worrying 'muffin top' silhouette. And thanks to such reminders from Kevin O (the cheeky monkey) I'm definitely being good from tomorrow. Also joined by 3 other lovely blokes; Richard B (less than a week to FLM, eek!), Julian M and Jamil P (famous Otley stars) and of course the lovely M. It was great to catch up with everyone and fill up on all that curry. I managed 12 of the 15 courses and had seconds on the pudding. That really is my last naughty blast now. I'm gonna be well behaved, sensible and healthy from now on.


ultra collie said...

thats some curry :0 and you still had room for puds :0

Runningbear said...

It was indeed 'some curry' - the pud was the best bit though so couldn't miss out. Have been very restrained today and am back to eating for one - no treats until the weekend!

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