Monday, 20 April 2009

Beanstalks & Golden Eggs

After a full and active weekend of socialising and eating it was a tough one to get up to an alarm this morning and make my way into work. Have been feeling a bit guilty all day about the size of my curry portions last night and this has definitely helped curtail consumption at work. Have had a very healthy lunch and came home, avoiding my usual rummage in the snack cupboard to go straight for an easy 4.5 miles under the slowly setting sun. Took a fresh, new route, looping though fields of young lambs, down to the banks of the river Wharfe before a road loop back to the house. Felt easy and relaxed again and didn't look at my watch once. In fact spent the run buzzing away ruminating on a magic seed planted in my head during the walk on Saturday; I'm toying with the idea of doing my first marathon next year. I've now said it out loud to two people already. It's also now written down...
Have been delaying the idea of a marathon as it seems such a commitment but have been returning to the idea a fair bit this year, possibly inspired by Tricky Ricky's fantastic progress and training in recent months. Anyway, the seed is planted and I've done nothing but water and feed it since. It's now a huge, coiling beanstalk in my head. Even M seems kind of interested in giving it a go along with me. Have gone so far as thinking about when and where and I'm thinking Berlin 2010 might be where the golden egg is at. Anyway, usual me... getting carried still only a thought but one that feels like an exciting project to ignite my interest over the next year.


jumbly said... This one seems to have planted itself in my imagination. I've not let it germinate yet though. I think having thngs to aim for and dream about doing keeps motivation going.

Runningbear said...

Sounds like a unique race - are you gonna commit yourself or does there need to be a bit more germinating to be done?

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