Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Smelly, Lumpy and Balding

Tonight was another easy 8 so opted to keep M company on the track; it can be very lonely running intervals without someone shouting at you. It was the most boring run ever on what is probably the worst track in the world. The surface is covered in bald spots mottled with all sorts of strange bubbles and lumps. The worst bit is the funny gas smell that lingers around the far bend. Not meaning to put any local readers off as it's well used and full of keen and hard working local runners but it could really do with a face lift. I think there's a refurb on the cards so I should probably be grateful that we have it for the time being though I expect Nelson will be our new home through the summer.

M bravely ran his mile efforts whilst I ran myself dizzy clocking 8 miles running in lane 3. I ended up chatting to a fellow Bingley runner, Chris C who's about to run the Hamburg marathon. He nonchalantly added his target was 2'12'' - there are some classy runners in my new club! Anyway, didn't have time to press him for any marathon tips but have started reading around the subject. Though I may be 18 months away from my first attempt, nobody can say I'm not preparing well. Have been good again today and eaten very healthy stuff with no temptations until late tonight when I sat down to start my blog. It just didn't feel right to start off blogging without a choco softie in one of my mitts. RHR down again to 38bpm this morning so hoping I'll be back to full training next week. I'm contemplating a 5k on Saturday at Leeds Hyde Park Time Trial; that should blow out the cobwebs.


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