Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Runner's Chicken Soup

After the painful throes of yesterday's running reality check I'm starting to resign myself to taking some real time out of the cut and thrust of competitive running to try to get back to my running roots. RHR was 45bpm both yesterday and today so seem to have taken a step backwards in recovery; the time trial was a bit of an error I think. But, on a positive note ran a lovely 10 this morning in the glorious spring sunshine. Had for a change the sparkling company of M and the ever-young Jamil P who came to visit for a breezy session around the Strid, adding an extra mile for good luck. Lots of chat about running, life and running - I was quickly reminded of how annoying and whiny I sound at the moment. I think to avoid this continuing I need to keep doing runs that I enjoy, at a pace that feels right on the day and make the most of the spring sunshine. The runner's equivalent of chicken soup. Those around me seem to think something's messed with my head but the inside bit of me feels okay, am loving my running it's just this wobbly old fleshy outer bit that won't work properly. Another week or two then. Hope I can relax and enjoy the time off rather than fret and frown about why my flippin' ugly legs aren't working.
We were too hurried to make the most of our post run cuppa and I had no time to bake this morning to offer Jamil a slice of anything fancy, though he did enjoy a choco softie treat (our last one), I'm a poor hostess I know, the shame of it! We grabbed a few mins to check out some FLM results before rushing out to meet the parents. FLM is such a big occasion for many club mates and friends this year, hence some naughty under the table action at lunch (texting that is). Though not all today's runs went as people had hoped I'm looking forward to hearing post race reflections.
Came home having eaten far too much again so had resolved to not do any baking until I happened across some blackberries in need of a pastry or cake overcoat. So, rustled up some muffins in the end. They're not too naughty and will provide a snack supply for work next week, if they survive that long. Anyway, chin up, some enjoyable running and muffin eating for the week ahead.


kate said...

sounds like a perfect plan!

ultra collie said...

i know you're a top competitive runner but it sounds like right now is the time to simply enjoy the journey and forge about the destination. just for a while anyway ;). it'll all fall back into place naturally.

ultra collie said...

forget! not forge.

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