Monday, 27 April 2009

"Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again".

Today marks the start of week #3 of this enforced ease down. Have finally persuaded M that I'm not imagining or exaggerating my condition after a run out together tonight gave him a great opportunity to compare our heart rates at each mile of the run. The contrast was pretty stark. We ran a nice loop from home via Nesfield to Ilkley and back clocking a moderate pace over 7 miles. I was in a higher zone than M for a large part of the run which is a major difference to a month ago. Will keep monitoring my heart rate as a guide; pace is little help as a gauge and only adds to feeling frustrated. So some easy 4s and 5s at most planned over the next few days and perhaps a review of progress at the weekend. RHR was 38 again today but during runs it quickly rises disproportionate to the running effort. A bit of a way to go yet.

Will need to find something to distract myself over the coming days and inflicting more blogging on the world would be just cruel. To keep myself out of mischief for another recovery week I've been thinking of rewriting my training plan for the year, particularly now racing schedules will have to be reviewed. Last week's AW (pages 48-49) details guidance on quality vs quantity and how to balance the two to improve speed and strength in tandem. Would recommend this as a read to anyone wanting to develop a structured training schedule. Will now spend this week rewriting my training and racing plans for the summer. My hopes of a qualifying time for the English Champs 10k in September are now looking unlikely but if I can target some quality training in June and July there might still be a chance - sub 34.30 seems much further away that it did in January. Next year maybe. Anyway, feeling more accepting of my fate and will see what the week brings. All body parts crossed that I can get back into the training swing soon. In the meantime will be coordinating training and team support for M and his performances pending at Rothwell and John Carr #3. I'm still pretty good at coat holding, clapping and bag carrying.


kate said...

just a thought, could your hr monitor be faulty? if it's out by a small amount that could be messing with your head sufficiently to bring on other symptoms

Runningbear said...

Thanks Kate, it's a great thought and I'd love to think that could be what's going on but my recent race times have also deteriorated suddenly so makes me think it's just me. Will be bouncing back though, just you wait!

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