Saturday, 25 April 2009

Peaks & Troughs

Well, I've only been and gone and slowed down even more! Had planned for a pretty easy week and as a toe in the water journeyed to Leeds for the 5k time trial this morning; low key and no pressure for a check on how these old gal legs would be feeling. Oh my god. My run was completely pants. Not only did I not break 18 mins, I was over 30 seconds slower than my 5k split in the 10k I ran at Salford 2 weeks ago. How can it be humanly possible to have slowed down so much?! I've passed through every emotion possible today though tried hard not to sulk all the way to Horton this morning. Thankfully I was able to immerse myself in the pain of others running the 3 Peaks and avoid having to think about the disaster that is my running at the moment.

The 3 Peaks race is a toughie; I'm not quite sure if I'd ever be tempted to run all those miles up and down fells looking at the state of some of the finishers today. Some looked very unwell and many tripped and cut bits of themselves right before our eyes as people tired for the final descent into the finish. It's a cruel race. The men's race was won by club mate Rob Jebb who had an awesome lead. Graham P, a former club mate running for P & B had a great run to come 4th overall and am pretty sure he managed to slip well under his PB for this event. Anyway was only tempted by the race when I saw how far back the ladies were but seeing the state of some of 'em ruled that idea right out.

Anyway back home now, ready for a comforting dinner and some reflection on what to do next. I've just lost so much in 2 weeks that it can't be anything else than over training syndrome and clearly I need more time. Am wondering how much longer I need to give this but plans for the big events this summer are swiftly going out of the proverbial window. Feel like I've lost a third of this year to this rubbish feeling and was so eager to keep on improving. I thought I'd been so careful to not do too much. I really need to review these last few months and try and learn where I've gone wrong. Am gutted that I seem to be going backwards but I know (somewhere inside honest) that it's not the end of the world. I'll be back...


kate said...

i completely understand about trying to keep things in perspective but i think sometimes a little wallowing (and cake) is allowed. you sound like you know what you need to do-you'll be back on form before long :)

Josie said...

Hi Sarah,

I have just found your blog and i think it's Brilliant.

Stay positive and you will come back even stronger ;-)

We need to arrange a run sometime soon!?

Take care

Runningbear said...

Hi Kate, thanks for coming to visit and for being so forgiving of my miserable mumblings. Expect I'll be doing a fair bit of baking so will try to post some pics just for you ; D

Hi Josie - thanks for posting and your kind words. Just had Jamil on the phone trying his best to cheer me up - Otley folk are a thoughtful lot :) Hope you're okay..? Drop me a line and we can plan a run though may struggle to keep up at the mo.

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