Friday, 24 April 2009

"Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius

RHR was 38bpm this morning, a sure sign that my body is getting back to normal; heart rate has been back under 40 for the last few days now. Have been feeling a bit frazzled around the edges though and had yet another mad busy day at work today. I also completely forgot it was Friday and that I was supposed to be catching the early train home to meet M tonight. Ended up working an hour over without noticing; delayed our start to, what will hopefully be a lovely weekend of running, watching running, reading about running and re-fueling for more running. M was very forgiving in the circumstances; he had to loiter in Tesco's until my train got in an hour later than planned.

Ran an easy 4 tonight circling the playground up the road to give the legs some reprieve from the tough trail and tarmac running of the last week. I'm still planning a turn around the Hyde Park 5k at 9am tomorrow so no sleep in but will at least have the treat of catching the end of the 3 peaks race at lunchtime. I love watching races and will hopefully feel even hungrier to get back to it after this weekend with all the viewing we've got lined up. I know I'm going to feel envious watching them all, usually do when I'm stood on the sidelines. Most exciting of all is the thought that our mate Tricky Ricky will be running FLM on Sunday. It's great to know someone who has been training and preparing so well will be running on the big day - I just can't wait to see how he gets on, no pressure tricky ;). I'm so inspired by his training and his attitude to running that It's made me even more keen to run my first marathon next year. I'm actually now wondering if I could try one in the spring for a first experience before attempting Berlin in September though I know I mustn't get carried away.

Have plans for a fair bit of socialising this weekend but also plan to try out a new recipe or two from my new bread books. Plan to make a fougasse loaf (nostalgic throwback for me as this was a daily purchase most mornings for my breakfast whilst living in the Loire valley in the mid 90's) though have also got my eye on a honey and lavender loaf in my new book. Watch this space and drool...


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