Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bluebell Carpets

Just a quickie tonight as a good night's sleep is needed for a big day at work tomorrow. Was a bit naughty and ran a tough 9 on the Strid tonight. Though it started out easy I was running with M and sort of got caught up in his pace rather than sticking to a slow, recovery pace of the kind that has featured in my recent recovery weeks (This is M speaking - I've secretly logged on using RB's sign-in - don't believe a word of it - I was hanging on trying to keep up with her!). The evening was warm and calm and the run a great escape from a manic day at work. I suspect we were both running out the frustrations from a tough day at work. RHR 36bpm again this morning so it's apparently settling down a bit now. Will run a short easy one tomorrow before the 5k time trial in Leeds early on Saturday. Should be a lovely weekend for walks in the woods, carpets of bluebells are emerging as I write. A walk with the camera through Middleton woods will be on the list this weekend.


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