Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Top Kit

This week of easing down to Wilmslow continues. This is such a difficult discipline for me as I love running every day and struggle to settle without the buzz of a good session to wash away the residue of the working day. Not coping too well with easing down for this next race as tend to want to do more than I should but have tried extra hard to be well behaved tonight with only half a VO2 session; 5x600m. Managed to escape the office early today so went straight out to do reps. I'd planned to make the journey to Nelson but the wind and rain and the thought of the buffeting I'd get circling the track all alone caused me to wimp out. Instead opted for efforts around a local playing field as a second best and hassle free option.
Not the best spot underfoot but ran 5 efforts with a good warm up and cool down though pace slowed as the windy gusts took me by surprise. Intervals are grim without company but hoping to have some club mates for company at Nelson in the next few weeks.

Spent my recent £100 race winnings on some new kit. I'm pretty taken with my purchases so thought I'd share one of my top buys for anyone interested in lady kit...
Montane Featherlight pants: though perhaps not an essential now spring is approaching these ultra-lightweight and weather-resistant bottoms are ace and essential kit for any outdoorsy type girl (also available for boys, M loves his). Great for running & recommended for cyclists I've hardly taken them off since the purchase (except for baths and weddings). Got mine at Helena & Sue's website:
Take note any loved ones of lady runners, these are top pressie tips. Comments on your top kit also welcomed, including any bargains to be had.


jumbly said...

Montane featherlite pants are a fave of mine, I like the featherlite smock too, mine has seen some wear this winter.

And thanks for the link to that women's clothing website, a new one for me, I feel a little spend coming on.

kate said...

second thumbs up for montane smock, goes with me every where. and yes, i have slept in it once!

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