Fastest Cake In The West...

After a gruelling 3 days back at the office this week; paying for my holiday sins with some manic catching up, I've resorted to some soul food for sustenance and comfort tonight. That's the humble home made scone if you're struggling. Nothing like the smell of fresh baking in the house to create a bit of comfort and cosiness to wrap yourself up in after a crappy day. Made these using Delia's basic recipe but added ginger and cherries - a combo inspired by a lovely shop I used to haunt regularly for cake when I lived in Otley; Bondgate Bakery. I love baking, both cakes and bread, and these are melt in your mouth lovelies, best straight from the oven with a slab of butter melting on top. This particular variety wafted a warm and spicy aroma around the house to welcome M home from work. I've been trying to work on M with a business idea; leaving the rat race and opening our own bakery, along the lines of Bondgate. He's not sold on the idea yet despite my creative efforts to persuade via his tummy. Anyway, they were also a very tasty incentive to run at a fair pace tonight to get back early & tuck in to a post run refuel.

Run tonight was 6 miles on the road, had planned to run a loop into Ilkley but started out too late for the chosen route so had to resort to a variety of wiggles around the village. Kept the run in the lower end of HRZ 3 and felt okay after last night's 600m strides though am getting a bit bored of these attempts to make running circles around the village interesting in the dark. I can't wait for the clocks to change and run some different routes. Anyway, back to those scones. Just a final sexy close up or two to make your mouth water. Cor, just look at those beauties!


  1. Was gonna add the melting butter scenes but this isn't that kind of site.

    More hard core cake action to come...


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