Fit Of The Wobbles

Bad, Bad, Bad! What made me do it!? How could you have sat there and let it happen readers? I've now managed to trough my way through 3 extra large, sconey cakes of darkness in 24 hours and with only 3 days to go before the big race. I'm not quite sure what drove me to it but it's a slippery slope. Having relapsed once I then noshed 7 chocolate biscuits at work today and to top it all; a walnut whip on the way home. I just keep wondering whether it was all really worth it...
To add to my turmoil M commented tonight that perhaps I shouldn't race at the weekend. I'm sort of thrown, not sure where that curve ball came from but I didn't react well and feel suspicious that my eating is already showing visible signs. Perhaps this is M's subtle hint that I might want to lay off the snacks for a while. Seriously though, my reaction surprised me and has made me start thinking about why I'm racing this event in the first place. I don't think I've ever considered not running a race that I've entered, despite how painful and unpleasant the experience can be. M is possibly right, I'm feeling less than fresh than I'd like and will take a week or two to recover from it. Also have the Northern Road Relays to turn out for the following week which will no doubt feel tough with HM tired legs. But, I'm a very stubborn old mule and feel I've committed myself. Have even compromised my training to stay fit for it. It's also the English HM Champs race this year so don't want to bottle it now as I get so few opportunities to race against the big guns. Maybe these are the situations where it's good to have a coach to step in and make the decision for you. Sometimes it's hard to step back from things and accept good advice.

Ran 5 easy tonight, looping around the village again - think I could now do this with my eyes closed. Heart rate was sky high for the first 2 miles which is a sure sign that all is not quite right. That, or I've got my strap on upside down. Anyway, will try to chill for the next couple of days and continue to run easy. And of course, curtail the excessive scoffing, at least until Sunday night.


  1. could you use it as a training run?

  2. I could and if I were the more sensible type I would. Will struggle when the gun goes to not be drawn in to the competition though. Anyway, think I'll be fine. I'd be disappointed if after building this up I didn't give it a proper go. Will just have to make sure I refuel very carefully afterwards ;)

  3. just think of the cakes as carboloading..mind over matter wins the day...but who am i to talk...good luck..its a nice course if you like road running...and the weather looks good for then too. btw did you know its sponsored by 'running bear'..the irony of it all :)

  4. Thanks UC, v nice reframing of the situation & thanks for the course tips - have you raced this in the past? Never raced there before so not sure what to expect. Have all things crossed that the winds will be gentler by then. Perhaps the spooky sponsorship coincidence is a good omen.


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