Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday Flicks & Fish 'n' Chips

Am so glad it's Friday. Tiring day in Bradford covering a stand at a 'commissioning carousel'; the lexicon of modern public services! Spent the day smiling like a lunatic and developing acute face ache (now refuse to smile for the rest of the weekend). Also ate a number of freshly made samosas which now only adds to my feelings of reckless surrender to being a complete hog. Am even swinging towards the idea of F&Cs for Friday night tea (look good don't they?) in front of a good flick on the telly. It's been a while since M & I last collided in the lounge and managed to spend an evening together. This blog's got a lot to answer for.

Not sure if I'm Garmin gazing too much but was rather worried to see my heart rate remain in zones 4 & 5 for the most part of tonight's run, despite it being a very easy 4 on the road (agree with Ultra Collie, this tapering is a right pain) and the pace being slow enough to keep me in Zones 1-2. I'm either on the verge of a coronary or something really is up. Any other explanations out there readers? This is a very routine run at a pedestrian pace so am pretty puzzled. Anyway, perhaps there's not quite the need to call an ambulance just yet but may have to reconsider the F&C tea and go for steamed veg instead; just in case a last minute spinach & broccoli intervention might divert imminent heart failure. A demain.


kate said...

my partner would agree about the blog issue too ;)
just noticed your training schedule-do you ever have rest days?

jumbly said...

I reckon I'd have gone for the fish and chips with a side dish of steamed veg, a ying and yang approach to Friday tea!

Runningbear said...

Don't know if you're running Edale but best wishes for if if you are. Looks like it'll be glorious and clear from the forecasts so far.

What are rest days? ; )

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