Saturday, 28 March 2009

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Well it's soon my bedtime the night before race day. Have pretty much eaten my body weight again in carbs today and also somehow managed to gain a kg in weight overnight; am thinkin' that last choco softie was one too far.
Have had some very thoughtful messages from club mates wishing me luck. I'm gonna need to pull on some extra lucky pants tomorrow in light of how these legs are feeling. Ran an easy 3 around the village this morning. Felt better than earlier in the week but not as fresh as I'd expect after doing very little since Tuesday. Is that the same for everyone? Still need to be convinced about this tapering idea; seems to be such a waste of perfectly good running time and don't feel any fresher for it.
Have been fretting about the weather and the chance of high winds around the course tomorrow. Keep checking the met office forecast. For now it looks pretty pleasant with some 'minor gusts'. I'll struggle to know how to pace the race if it's at all blowy. Will aim to run my initial miles at my Brass Monkey HM pace (5.51 min/miles). It's a cautious plan and if I've anything left then I can try and wind up the pace a bit on the run in.

Don't think I'm in PB shape at the moment - seem to be having a bit of a slump after a string of good races but am finding this is a pattern to my fitness progression. Anyway, will try not to be a cowardly lion and give those ladies a run for their money. My new racers are looking pristine so hope to burn some rubber around the course and overcome any Elvis legs on the start line. Will try not to be freaked out by any bikini kit and long socks on the line up, (that 'look' always messes with my head) and do my best to make my Bingley club mates proud. Going to get some much needed pre-race kip and hope my legs will be feelin' fresh and frisky in the morning. Good luck to fellow bloggers running at Edale tomorrow. Should be a fine day for it.


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