A Closed Mouth Catches No Flies

First day back at the office today. Arrived to the news that I was attending mandatory training for the entire day. This leaves me 7.5 hours less time this week to catch up and work through my 341 unread emails in my bulging inbox. The event was pretty surreal, mostly due to feelings of being transported to an episode of The Office. Can anyone take training events at work seriously anymore? There were occasional glimmers of entertainment derived from the odd toe curling 'Brentism'; creating a mild frisson of shared recognition and a giggle around the room. I tried hard to be positive and managed my inner tumult by saying very little (this is quite unusual for me). To add to my woes, the lunch was fantastic as were the M&S choccy biscuits at tea break; only undermining my efforts to be good and not eat everything in sight before the HM race this weekend. I need every ounce of help to get me through 13.1 miles on Sunday.

So, was very glad to be back home tonight and run out my pent up frustrations - I'm sure M is grateful for the release running provides! Ran a wonderfully escapist 7m in HR zone 3 around the streets of Ilkley tonight, bumping into old club mate James WR along the way. Good to see such a talented runner getting back into training. Felt okay after the weekend though my legs are feeling the race a bit. My sore feet are singing at least now the spikes have gone to bed for the summer. Am counting down the days to my last long race before I start the sharpening phase. Not sure if I can get these old pins to turn over much quicker but am gonna give it my best this summer and hope nothing falls off.


  1. one of the great things about road running is the ability to completely switch off-the ultimate stress relief, that and cake ;)

  2. With you there, cake tastes so much better after a run I think. Do you race much Kate?

  3. the odd fell race but i'm in the 'just get round' group rather than racing ;) hoping to make an attempt at the bob graham round this summer though. slowly but surely...


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