Sunday, 22 March 2009

"Tell me why I don't like Mondays"

Can't believe Sunday evening is already here after the end of a fab two weeks off work. Feel like I've had a proper escape even though we've stayed at home for most of the break. Living in this gorgeous place is enough to make any time off work feel like a holiday from the rat race, though am struggling not to get too glum about going back to face the looming stress of catching up after so much time out of the office.
Tried with some success to banish all thoughts of work from my head as I trotted my way around a nice and steady 9 on the Strid route with M this morning. This is such a beautiful run but also very popular-is best to get out early as poss on a Sunday to avoid the people traffic.
These well laid trails trace the steep wooded valley of the river Wharfe with some dramatic spots known for their dangers following hard rains. Ran out past Cavendish and turned back at Barden Bridge, following the banks of the river Wharfe. This is a frequent haunt for a relaxing run but one I never tire of with the views to Simon's Seat on the way out and Beamsley Beacon on the route home. Managed to keep the run at HR zone 3 (aerobic endurance) without feeling too heavy after the race yesterday; still managing good pacing over rugged terrain. Think I'm getting some of my running mojo back after a bit of passing fatigue, though the mug of tea and warm Chelsea buns back at home also came as welcome refueling. The joys of running for me include eating as much cake as you like after a long run.
Thinking of fatigue, still not heard from Tricky on his 20m race today. Hope all has gone well for him on such a testing course in his preparations for London. Ah well, back to school it is.


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