Saturday, 14 March 2009

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people".

Today started with a depressing weekly weigh in this morning - I've put on 4lbs! In just a week! I'm never having holidays again. The consequences of visiting the biscuit cupboard through the day are beginning to sink in. Too much time spent mooching about leads to only one thing; too tight jeans. The two curry nights earlier in the week won’t have helped either.

I recently started to monitor my diet after reading a great sports nutrition book. I thought I was a pretty healthy eater until reading the amount of protein needed to support the kind of miles I run. It was a surprise to read how much is needed to support the muscle repair after heavy training sessions. Anyway, I’ve resolved this morning to be good and limit myself to one 'choco softie' a night (a German chocolate treat introduced by my partner M to our household - only available in selected Lidls or in parcels from M’s German relatives on special occasions).

The morning improved a bit with a good half session at the track at Nelson. My heart sank as we started the warm up into gusts and high winds. I was a brave soldier though, bein’ a tough Yorkshire lass an’ all that. I worked hard on the windy bends, ha ha! : D and managed to keep my splits down to average 79s. Not sure how I would have coped doing a full 16 though.

One last long run tomorrow before the Wilmslow HM then I’ll focus on interval training before the BMAF XC Champs next weekend. No plans to ease down the training next week; I'm learning that racing so much makes fitting in good quality training impossible unless you’re willing to race tired.

Have been buzzing since starting this blog yesterday - making mental plans for future tinkering and new gadgets. I was chuffed to read that you can add music tracks. M was watching the Rough Trade doc last night which inspired me to pull out some old fave CD's whilst cooking tea. The doc featured some of my favourites, including Mazzy Star - an odd mix of country and grunge - if you're not a fan this is much better than it sounds. Anyway, watch this space...

Was hoping to start posting some pics too, I love photography though I’m not very good at it. Unfortunately, I’ve still not mastered the USB connection on my crap LG phone. It has a great camera but a USB fault that prevents uploading of files. A fault that would’ve stopped me buying the damn thing had I Googled it beforehand. Anyway, I’ve a birthday coming up and a new camera might be a nice new toy for the list.


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